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Your Dental Anxiety May Be Costing You
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Have you been to the dentist recently? Does the idea of just sitting in a dentist’s chair make you nervous? Don’t worry – you are not alone. Dental anxiety or phobias affects millions of people around the world. Kathy Zahedi DDS & Associates uses the most advanced sedation dentistry methods to provide a safe and effective way to calm your anxieties and fears during your visit.

Since our oral health is tied to our overall health, avoiding a trip to the dentist can be costly. You can rest easy knowing that Dr. Kathy Zahedi can provide you complete comfort using sedation dentistry for even the most involved procedures.

If dental phobia or anxiety has impacted you, please call our Santa Monica office today at 310-294-8735 to schedule a consultation.

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Relax in sedated comfort snuggled in a cozy lap blanket while we perform your procedure in a pain & stress free environment.

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Enjoy your beautiful Smile and relax with the knowledge that your dental health is secure.

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Put your dental anxiety to rest with

our different sedation options

OUR Sedation Dental Team

At Kathy Zahedi DDS & Associates, our team prides itself on our friendly and caring environment. Whether you are scheduling an appointment or having a procedure performed, our goal is to make you feel comfortable every step of the way. Our office is a safe and welcoming place for you to experience sedation dentistry. We love taking care of our patients

OUR Sedation Dental Methods

Laughing gas: relaxes you without putting you to sleep. As you gently inhale the gas, it will quickly act to start relaxing you.

Oral sedation: giving oral medications to help you relax before a procedure. Be awake while still feeling relaxed.

Other options: including anti-anxiety medications that are inhaled, given by injections, or administered by a Board-Certified Dental Anesthesiologist.

Cost of Sedation Dentistry

The type of sedation chosen determines the cost—the more sedated, the more costly. However, since most insurance companies consider this a luxury, it is not widely covered. There are exceptions to this, though, that may make you qualify. We proudly accept most insurance plans, and we recommend calling them first to check your coverage. Should they not cover this, we have you covered with a variety of other payment options.

Our commitment to you is to not only provide excellent dental care but to make it affordable for you and your family. Please call, and our staff is more than happy to discuss your options and make payment arrangements.

If you visit our patient, you can find the different major insurance providers we accept.

Anyone who has avoided dental treatments as a way to cope with the anxieties, fears, or any discomforts associated with oral health care is a good candidate.

Sedation dentistry is an outstanding solution for anyone struggling with:

● Fear or discomfort

● Sensitive teeth

● A sensitive gag reflex

● Bone, muscle, or joint discomfort

● TMJ Disorders

● High tolerance for numbing medications

● Negative childhood dentistry experiences

● Poor treatment or harm caused by a dentist in adulthood

Whatever the reason may be for you, we are here to support your choices and provide you with services and options you can trust and feel comfortable receiving. We provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment.

#1 Nitrous oxide

Most are familiar with this form of sedation under the name “laughing gas.” A mask will be placed only over your nose, allowing you to breathe the nitrous oxide gas. This sedation is always administered under the supervision of our highly qualified staff. This sedation form will have you very relaxed yet still alert enough to continue to communicate your needs.

The great thing about this gas is that once it gets turned off and you stop breathing it in, it wears off quickly. This gives you the option to drive yourself home.

Complication risks associated with nitrous oxide are extremely low, and you will have zero side effects.

#2 Oral sedation

Oral sedation is also commonly known as conscious sedation. Compared to nitrous oxide, this method of sedation dentistry produces a deeper state of relaxation. You will begin this sedation before treatment, and it will swiftly take you to a relaxing slumber state. You are awake enough to follow instructions from our dentists, yet so deeply relaxed you will have no recollection of the appointment once done.

As with nitrous oxide, the associated risks and complications are extremely low. You will, however, need a ride home.

At your initial consultation at our Santa Monica dentist office, we will address your concerns and provide you with an unbiased assessment of which sedation method will be safest and most effective for you.

Are you ready to enjoy your best dental health
and a gorgeous smile without fear?

Make preparations to be astounded by how effective sedation dentistry works and how smoothly and conveniently time passes as we’re working on your smile.

We are a leading Santa Monica dental clinic that uses cutting-edge procedures and sedation technologies to help our patients achieve a radiant, natural smile with little to no pain or tension.

Put an end to your dental anxiety and fears; reclaim your optimal oral health and wellbeing today. Our finely experienced sedation team will gladly address your concerns and discuss any worries you may have about the use of sedation.

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