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Dental Implants
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Too many people
Suffer Unnecessarily
because of tooth loss.

Chronic dental problems
steal their confidence.

As a top-rated dental implants specialist in Santa Monica, our team is skilled in modern dental implants procedures to make the entire process seamless. We have helped many Santa Monica patients replace missing teeth due to periodontal issues (tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma) so they feel more confident about the way their teeth look and feel.

  • Tooth decay from a medical condition
  • Tooth loss from a traumatic injury

  • Embarassing ill-fitting dentures

  • Chronic tooth infection

  • Pain

  • Missing teeth

  • Failing teeth

  • Chronic dental problems

  • Difficulty Chewing

  • Fear of Smiling

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A Tested, Effective & Pain-Free Dental Implant Solution

Dental implants offer so many benefits to people with missing teeth. A restored smile can improve your self-confidence, facial appearance, and overall quality of life. It will even be easier for you to chew your food.

Here are the top benefits of dental implants:

  • Preserves the bone structure of your jaws
  • Saves your remaining natural teeth
  • Allows you to chew your food naturally and evenly
  • Avoid the hassle of wearing dentures
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Enhances the appearance of your facial contours
  • Enhances your speaking ability

Kathy Zahedi DDS and associates have improved hundreds of patients’ lives in the Santa Monica area by replacing their missing teeth and restoring their oral health. We can do the same thing for you too.

Frequently Asked Dental Implant Questions

Missing teeth can affect your health in more than one way. Not only will it cause you to have low self-confidence over your appearance, but you could develop physical problems as well. For instance, if you cannot chew your food properly because you have missing teeth, it could negatively affect your digestive health and immune health.

When you elect to replace your missing teeth with strong and natural-looking dental implants, they will remedy all of these problems. Dental implants can do the following:

  • Prevent bone loss
  • Restore chewing ability
  • Strengthen the jaw joints
  • Avoid shifting teeth
  • Natural biting
  • Preserve the remaining natural teeth
  • Preserve digestive health

Dental bridges are suitable for when you have two or more consecutive missing teeth. A dental bridge replaces your missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth to the adjacent natural teeth.

Dental implants are better for replacing individual missing teeth that are not surrounded by other missing teeth. For example, if you have one tooth missing on the side of your mouth, then a dental implant would be more appropriate for it. But if you have three consecutive missing teeth on the side of your mouth, then a bridge would be better to remedy it. Most patients prefer dental implants because they look the most natural and don’t affect any other teeth.

On the downside, a dental bridge requires the adjacent natural teeth to be reshaped to support the bridge. This will eventually weaken the bone structure in the mouth that supports the strength of your chewing abilities. The gum and bone surrounding the bridge will soon pull away and gradually create a gap between your bridge and teeth. Once that happens, bacteria and debris could get stuck in the gap and increase your risk of getting an oral infection.

There are no age restrictions for dental implant surgery. If you have missing adult teeth, then you will likely qualify to receive dental implants. The only exception is for teenagers because their facial bones and adult teeth are still growing and forming. That is why we don’t recommend teenagers get dental implants until their bones stop growing.

Dental implant surgery should get done soon after a tooth extraction procedure, but it is not a requirement. You can still receive dental implants if your tooth was extracted several years ago. All that matters is that you have enough healthy bone surrounding the dental implant to give it support.

Dental implants will never need replacement if you take care of them. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth and receive regular checkups at our dental office in Santa Monica. The checkups are vital because we’ll ensure the forces in your mouth are balanced and that your implants remain in the proper position.

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Dr. Kathy Zahedi

  • UCLA Trained
  • Advanced Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist
  • IAOMT Certified in Holistic Dentistry
  • Laster Dentist

Dr. Ronald L. Wright

  • Board Certified Oral Surgeon
  • 500+ Dental Implants per year
  • Reconstructive Surgeon
  • UCLA Trained

We are a
Green | Holistic


Safe Amalgam Removal
Ozone Therapy

Holistic dentistry is an alternative solution to dentistry that believes your dental hygiene is fully interrelated to your physical and mental health.
It emphasizes the use of biocompatible (non-toxic) restorative products, the prevention of pathogens, and the promotion of appropriate structural relationships between your teeth/jaw/head/ body.

Learn to pronounce
adjective: holistic
characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

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We Treat You Like Family

Because we are a Family.

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All the Dentistry You Need
All Under One Roof

  • The Experts in Rapid Smile Transformation
  • Arrive for a consultation on Monday, enjoy a complete smile transformation by Friday.
  • Dr. Zahedi & Dr Wright can perform work that would normally take months in one week or less!
  • Stem cell technology PGRF (PRF) to facilitate implant healing
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