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Cosmetic Dentistry
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As a top-rated cosmetic dentistry specialist in Santa Monica, our team is skilled in modern cosmetic procedures to make the entire process seamless and give you the healthy, attractive smile that you have been dreaming of! Your smile speaks to everyone you meet before you even say a word, so let us make sure your smile truly represents you.

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Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentists Devoted to Restoring Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry has real life-changing effects. Our accomplished Santa Monica cosmetic dentists observe changes in our patients’ lives every day, and we are confident about the significant impact that can be made with a new smile. Using the latest modern technologies and procedures, we will help you build the smile you desire with long-lasting dental products and excellent esthetic performance.

With years of experience serving Santa Monica in cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentist Kathy Zahedi provides a broad array of cosmetic dentistry treatments ranging from dental bonding to porcelain veneers. Most of these cosmetic treatments are simple for cosmetic problems that relate to your teeth’ appearance, whereas others may require minimally invasive procedures.

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Dr. Kathy Zahedi

Top cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica

  • UCLA Trained
  • Advanced Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentist
  • IAOMT Certified in Holistic Dentistry
  • Laser Dentist

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This patient presented with small teeth that became even shorter due to grinding. She also presented with a space between her teeth that she was unsatisfied with. Her teeth did not have harmony with her face and natural smile. When I do veneers, I make the patient temporaries mimicking the final shape of the crowns. In this case, we tried different temporaries, one with the space closed and one with the space open, to test her preferences. She decided she preferred her smile with the spaced closed. All ceramic veneers were placed on the four front teeth. The size, shape, and style of the veneers had harmony with the patient’s facial structure.

ONE Cosmetic Dental Team

You get a team of caring professionals to support your care long-term.

ONE Promise

We’ll work together to create an attractive and confident smile. The veneers are always tried-in first and nothing is finalized until you are 100% happy with your smile.

ONE Goal

We want you to look and feel your best so Dr. Zahedi brings in her master ceramist to create your perfect smile in our Santa Monica dentist office. All of the final touches are done by our master lab ceramist chairside.

We are a
Green | Holistic


Safe Amalgam Removal
Ozone Therapy

Holistic dentistry is an alternative solution to dentistry that believes your dental hygiene is fully interrelated to your physical and mental health.
It emphasizes the use of biocompatible (non-toxic) restorative products, the prevention of pathogens, and the promotion of appropriate structural relationships between your teeth/jaw/head/ body.

Learn to pronounce
adjective: holistic
characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

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All The Cosmetic Dentistry You Need

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There are significant benefits to cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentists in Santa Monica come across these benefits in our patients’ lives daily and are passionate about restoring confidence in every single smile we come across. We’ll help you meet any unique cosmetic dental goals that you’re looking to achieve; please find our additional cosmetic dental service below:

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Porcelain Veneers

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